Ryan Price Magic Frequently Asked Questions

Create a magical experience for your family!

Can we hire you to entertain our children in one room while all of the adults hang out in another room?

Due to liability issues I do require at least one other adult in the room at all times.

Can we serve the kids food, snacks, and beverages during your show?

It is your home so you can do what you wish. I do not suggest it. The children’s enthusiasm will suffer and there is the possibility that your floor will be stained. My main concern with this is chocking. If the children are laughing while eating there is this possibility.

Do you need a table?

No, I bring my own case that folds up into a table. The only thing that is required is a power outlet and a space to perform in.

Is the kids magic show going to scare any kids?

You cannot predict the reaction of every child. I do not use fire or any dangerous effects that could be repeated at home. The show is fun and appropriate for all ages.

Can the children be in the room as you set up your show?

It is usually best to keep the children in a separate room while I set up for the show. As a good magician never reveals his secrets, allowing the kids to view the set-up process will only detract from the fun and the mystery of magic! However, I realize that sometimes another room just is not available. In this case, I can be flexible and set up in the same room if need be. If this will be the case, please notify me in advance so that I can prepare accordingly.

How far in advance do you need to be booked?

There is no length that is set in stone. As there are only so many spots available during the weekend it is suggested that entertainment is hired prior to sending out invitations. It may be possible to move the party earlier or later or even to another day to ensure that I am available for your event. However there are occasionally spots open so please feel free to contact me even if its last minute. If I can’t help you I will try to find someone that can.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

There is no deposit necessary. Payment is to be made in full in either cash or cheque after the performance is finished.

Should we have you perform at the start, middle or end of the party?

I recommend having the show near the beginning of the party after all the guests arrive. After the show many parents decide to serve cake or open presents. This allows for a better flow for the party and allows me to put away all the equipment and start making balloon animals if that is the package that has been requested.

How much space do you need to perform?

Although I have performed in many different situations and space restrictions I generally ask for an area 6’ x 8’ with a space for the children to sit on the floor.

Can you perform outside?

With the use of live animals in the show it is not recommended for the show to be outside. With the warm weather and bugs the children’s attention will also suffer. With the entertainment being indoors while the rest of the party is outside it gives more importance to the show and a better theater setting. If you wish for the show to be outdoors please do contact me and we can work to see if it is possible.